We at Curexsys

have set out to serve the arising demand of pure and functionalized exosomes for therapeutic and cosmetic development. We will generate exosomes of high reproducibility and clearly defined quality as well as ultimate purity.

We use various proprietary technologies from

  • exosome secreting iMSC cell lines derived from our partner Evotec’s proprietary iPSC platform,
  • via the the leading technology for traceless purification of exosomes (TACS) with low-affinity fabs to
  • state-of-the-art upstream and downstream processes developed by and with our partner Sartorius

This combination of unique and proprierary technologies and know-how puts Curexsys into a position to generate next-generation exosome products for therapeutic applications in multiple disease areas. Curexsys is developing both an enabling platform technology applicable to numerous disease areas as well as own clinical programs in selected age-related and anti-aging indications such as age-related eye diseases (Sicca, Sjogren’s disease), skin inflammation and post-menopausal osteoporosis related bone fractures.