Göttingen, Germany, May 1, 2021 – Curexsys GmbH, a new, pre-clinical stage therapeutic company developing iMSC derived exosomes for age-related diseases and anti-aging therapies, announced the appointment of Dr Jörg Neermann as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective May 1, 2021. Dr. Jörg Neermann brings twenty-five years of experience in venture capital and the life science industry to Curexsys. As trained biotechnologist, he worked with numerous start-ups from their very early stages to IPOs and M&As and executed various small and large financing transactions for venture firms such as DVC and LSP. He brings an outstanding track record in financing, but also in strategy and business development to Curexsys.

“It is a true pleasure to welcome Jörg Neermann as the new CEO of Curexsys. Jörg is a very experienced venture and life science investor highly regarded for his strategic expertise, management skills and know-how when it comes to biotech financing and BD transactions,” said Dr Michael Shalmi, Chairman of Curexsys’ Supervisory Board. “After joining Curexsys just a month ago and now with Jörg as CEO and Jens Gruber as CSO, we are well positioned to grow Curexsys to one of the leading firms in exosome technology and anti-aging. With Jörg at the helm, we will be able to grow the team of Curexsys through the next stages and bring our exosome technologies to clinical stages and commercial partnerships.”

Jörg Neermann, CEO of Curexsys, commented: “I am excited and delighted to join Curexsys in these early stages, as the company has an immense potential to bring a new and very powerful regeneration and anti-aging technology to the market. With Evotec and Sartorius as partners and a highly knowledgeable and motivated scientific team around our co-founder and CSO Jens Gruber, we have all the ingredients to make Curexsys a true success story. I am looking very much forward to explore the enormous regenerative potential of exosomes in this unique setting.”

Dr. Jörg Neermann studied biotechnology (and economics) at the TU Braunschweig and at M.I.T, Cambridge, MA, and performed his Ph.D. work in metabolic engineering of mammalian cell cultures at the Helmholtz Institute in Braunschweig. After a brief stint in strategic management consulting, he started his career in venture capital at Atlas Venture in the mid 90s. He then worked for DVC Deutsche Venture Capital, where he built the life science team and franchise, did various early-stage investments and served for five years as Managing Partner. After that he joined LSP as Partner and worked for the last fourteen years as the managing director of LSP’s Munich office. Jörg invested successfully in various German, Dutch and Belgian start-up companies.

Curexsys is a Göttingen based start-up company in the exosome and anti-aging field. Curexsys employs proprietary and unique purification technologies to generate high-grade, well-defined exosomes from iMSCs to explore them for cell regeneration and therapies in various age-related disease indications.