Curexsys acquires a family of patents (EP2195430 & EP 3199633, US8729038 & US9951329, CA2699638, JP2010538625) enabling both targeted delivery of therapeutics and transfer of multiple therapeutic modalities including small molecules, synthetic RNA (siRNA, miRNA), mRNA and DNA constructs. The technology utilizes recombinant proteins that self-assemble into nanocarriers (<40 nm) that i) can be loaded with different therapeutic payloads in vitro, ii) shuttle DNA into the nucleus of non-dividing cells, iii) can be modified for receptor-interactions and iv) can travel in extracellular vesicles.

With the acquired IP, Curexsys expands its portfolio towards engineering of targeted and disease specific exosomes for the development of therapeutics in a variety of new indications including CNS disorders and oncology.