We´ve moved

As the first company, alongside the Life Science Factory team, we moved to the new Sartorius quarter on Weender Landstrasse on January 1st, 2022. [...]

We´ve moved2022-02-28T13:24:58+00:00

Curexsys acquires new IP

Curexsys acquires a family of patents (EP2195430 & EP 3199633, US8729038 & US9951329, CA2699638, JP2010538625) enabling both targeted delivery of therapeutics and transfer of [...]

Curexsys acquires new IP2021-10-01T08:22:20+00:00

Jörg Neermann joins Curexsys as CEO

Göttingen, Germany, May 1, 2021 – Curexsys GmbH, a new, pre-clinical stage therapeutic company developing iMSC derived exosomes for age-related diseases and anti-aging therapies, [...]

Jörg Neermann joins Curexsys as CEO2021-09-22T20:13:58+00:00
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